Friday, January 8, 2010

Did I just μBDD in NUnit?


Have a look at this picture, what do you see?



Yup, that’s the old familiar “no frills we mean business and are professional about our testing” looking NUnit GUI. But have a look at the test names, they look like some dynamic-typing loving hippie wrote them! What are they doing in my NUnit!?

The answer is, they’re lending a BDD-like Given/When/Then flavor to our old workhorse, in a way that’s fully compatible and complementary to the standard NUnit model. Does it require magic and fairy-dust? Nope not really, just some creative use of the TestCaseDataSource attribute, the test fixture looks like this:


GWT doesn’t always make sense, but when it do it can lead to some really communicative tests.

If you want the small (~40 lines) source for the Scenario class just leave a comment.